Preciso Partners NICRA in Tree Planting Exercise

Preciso Partners NICRA in Tree Planting Exercise

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Preciso has partnered the Nigerian centre for climate Renewal Resilience and Adaptation(NICRA) alongside other agencies in a tree planting exercise in Abuja.

The exercise which was graced by NGOs , private sector organizations took place at the Asokoro primary and secondary school in Abuja.

The agency said it is doing this to further cushion the effect of climate change in the country.

He said , “34 states of the Federation were affected by the issue of flooding which was caused by climate change. 60% of those people affected are children” he added

He said he is happy to collaborate with the agencies present and is sure this event will foster more collaborations in future.

The MD of Preciso , Engr Lawal Nurudeen in his remarks thanked the organizers and emphasized the need for tree planting as a way of mitigating climate change.

“For us who are in the Agricultural sector, we are the worse hit of climate change.”

“During the flooding last year, farmers suffered a great deal. We particularly, lost a lot of crops as a result of the floods in Kogi State to be precise” he added

Lawal stated that the plan is to plant 70 trees daily and called on the Federal Government to assert tree planting into the constitution. He believes with that, people will take it seriously

” I call on the FG to fix tree planting into the constitution, make it compulsory for people to plant trees”

” I call on individuals to imbibe the culture of tree planting in their private spaces” he added.

“We are doing this so that our farmers will not suffer from the effects of climate change that has bedeviled them”

The head international sales , Simba Group, Ravi Bajaj in his remarks expressed joy at the tree planting exercise.

“when we were growing up , no one taught us about tree planting but I am glad we are here to do this in the presence of these kids. I believe they will imbibe the culture of tree planting ”

He also stated that as part of his company’s drive to mitigate the effect of climate change, it introduced a clean cooking stoves in Adamawa, Borno , Gombe state.

” We now have cooking stoves in the northern part of Nigeria. These stoves do not use fuel or kerosene. There is no room for emission of gases with our stove” he added

When asked how is company will support NICRA, Bajaj said Simba Group is ready to assist financially in every state where the company is.

“We are going to support financially in every part where our company is. We will encourage our staff to plant trees in every part of our offices”

The program officer of Japan International co- operation Agency (JICA) Hamza Gomina was full of praise of the organizers of the tree planting exercise.

Hamza said a lot of people do not understand the importance of tree planting. He said tree planting leads to a cleaner air , stabilized soil and that it will reduce the effect of Climate change.

He said the children, youths and the old needs to understand the importance of trees

“Tree planting is a simple but crucial to our environment. It is easier to plant a tree than to cut it down”

“For every tree cut down, two or more needs to be planted to sustain the environment” he added

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