PDP, APGA Reps defect to APC

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Rep. Aliyu Yako (PDP, Kano) and Rep Danjuma Shiddi (APGA, Taraba), have defected to the APC. Announcing their defection on Tuesday in Abuja, Rep Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said the duo attributed their defection to divisions in their former parties.

Gbajabiamila said that Yako confirmed that he was leaving the PDP because of leadership crisis and division in the party in Kano and in his local government.

He added that Shiddi in his own case said his defection was due to uncertainty propelled by division in the party, adding that such division would not allow him to further his political aspiration.

Yako represents Kiru/Babeji Federal Constituency of Kano while Shiddi represents Ibi/Wukari Federal Constituency of Taraba.

Reacting to the development, Rep. Ndudi Elumelu, the Minority Leader of the House said that there was no division in Kano’s PDP.

“I am not aware there is division in PDP in Kano and yesterday I spoke with the PDP chairman having foreseen this defection move, and the chairman confirmed that there is no crisis, issue or division in Kano’s PDP,’’ he said.

Elumelu added that the APC would be encouraging illegality if it allowed the duo to defect from their respective parties to the APC.

He said there was a subsisting Supreme Court judgment that disallowed elected members from defecting from the party on whose platform they won election to defect to another party.

He called on the speaker to declare their seats vacant for defecting to another party.

Gbajabiamila insisted, however, that the defection letter he read maintained that there was disunity and factions in Kano’s PDP and at his local government level.

He said that Elumelu had no right to say there was no division as stated by the defector since he had no proof to back his claim.

He jokingly told Elumelu that he had a feeling that the minority leader would soon defect to the ruling APC, an idea which Elumelu instantly rebuked.

Rep. Tobi Okechukwu (PDP, Enugu) in his contribution, said that the facts relied upon by the PDP defector were erroneous, adding that there was no division in Kano’s PDP

He also said that the defection was illegal and backed Elumelu’s submission on the Supreme Court judgment. (NAN)

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