If not for Nigeria, our judiciary would ‘ve collapse…Gambia foreign Minister

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By Stella Obi

The government of Gambia has credited Nigeria for strengthening its judicial system.
The Gambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Momodou Tangara on Tuesday said if not for Nigeria, his country’s judiciary would have collapse.
Tangara who was in Abuja on a thank you visit to the country also revealed that his country has concluded arrangment to honour late Nigerian Military General, Dada who played a pivotal role in the establishment of t country’s military.
He said, ” we are delighted to be here today to express our gratitude to the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the pivotal role you are playing in the sub-region and for the tremendous support you have given to the Gambia.
“I have said that in many fora, that in the Gambia, we are very greatful to Nigeria . At some point if Nigeria was to withdraw from the juficiary, our judiciary would have completely been crippled. And thanks to the support of Nigeria, we have been able to build our judiciary with hometown lawyers and magistrate and that could not have been possible without the support of Nigeria.
“In very critical moment, you helped us build the most valuable resources in our country and that is our human resources and we are forever grateful for that .
“We can not also talk about armed forces in the Gambia without mentioning Nigeria. You ha e been the key in helping us set up the armed forces in Nigeria. And today in the Gambia, the late General Abubakar Dada is a household name in the Gambia. At least in the military, everybody knows about him. And that is why during our discussions and in the wisdom of the President who decided to honour him posthumous. I think he deserve it and that is the best way we can say thank you to him and his family to know that their father has left a great legacy not only in Nigeria but in the Gambia. That is what we intend to do in due course.
Late General Dada who is the elder brother of the current Nigeria’s Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Zubairu Dada was credited to have help build the Military capacity of the Gambia when he held forth as the Commander General of the Gambia army, including building the Army Headquarters.
He also commended the logistic support rendered by President Muhammadu Buhari during the Covod-19 lockdown .
” Apart from just saying thank you for past support, Tangara said the visit was aimed at forging a new way forward.
“The visit is just to say thank you and to see how best we can chat a way forward in consolidating the gains. We know we can rely on Nigeria and you can also rely on us. And infant to assure you of our commitment to strengthening the relationship”, he added.
Onyeama in his earlier remark , had said the visit is a show of the Gambia’s rare commitment to the bilateral relations between our two countries and we thank you really for that.
He also said the relations between the two countries goes back decades, but in recent times, he said ” we have worked very hard reinforcing this relations.
He also expressed joy for restoration of full democratic principles and the will of the people in the Gambia.

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