Nigeria unveils first AI app to enhance local information

Nigeria unveils first AI app to enhance local information

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GreyDots AI, a Nigerian technology company has launched a locally owned Artificial Intelligence platform called Nigeria Info’ Generative Pre-trained Transformer (NiGPT) to enhance accurate and unbiased information retrieval about the country. reports that the platform was unveiled on Saturday in Lagos.

Mr Arnold Agure-Dam, CEO of GreyDots AI said that NiGPT is a revolutionary project designed to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize various sectors.

He added that it is their goal to develop sophisticated AI solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and agriculture, among others.

“AI is a cutting-edge technologies that not only addresses complex problems but also enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses and organizations.

“Therefore by leveraging AI, NiGPT aims to bring about significant positive changes in how industries operate, ultimately improving everyday life and business operations,”he said.

He also added that NiGPT is a necessity for Nigeria because most of the systems out there and database are not controlled by us which creates room for information bias.

“So we decided to provide a platform that will democratize Nigerian specific information and bring it to the fingertip of our citizens so that it will be easy to access information without going on a long research to get answers.

“We aim to replace google it with Ask NiGPT in Nigeria.

“We want to make questions about our country a priority without having to go through long and biased research,”Agure-Dam said.

Hon. Ayodele Olawande, Minister of State for Youth said that AI is a welcome development that everyone in Nigeria should key into, it will not take away job opportunities but help improve intelligence.

Olatubosun Alake Commissioner of Innovation, Science and Technology
Lagos state reiterated the government commitment towards supporting innovations such as these that will promote accurate information concerning Nigeria.

“So the launch of this app is along the lines of building capacity in Artificial Intelligence. It also goes to show that our Nigerian companies have the capacity.

He also said that “we will leverage on the rurally built information network and it is very significant because other AI were built outside the country so we basically don’t own the intellectual properties.

“We proud to announce that now our local team has built a solution that we own as Nigerians which is a significant advantage for us as we can now start to solve problems from a local context,”Alake said.

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