First Anniversary: Group Lauds Eno’s Strides In Education, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Ors.

First Anniversary: Group Lauds Eno’s Strides In Education, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Ors.

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By Emmanuel Abi Couson








A socio political group, ARISE Ambassadors has described as heart warming and a big blessing to Akwa Ibom people, the sterling leadership p performance posted in the last one year by Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State.

The group in a press statement endorsed by its Director of Information Mr Paul Ufot and made available to Journalists in Uyo on Monday said they are proud and hold their heads high because the governor surpassed thier expectations.

According to the statement,” Yes, one year has passed, the journey has covered some miles already. But our joy and fulfilment anchors on the fact that in this journey anchored by Governor Umo Eno, every mile has a milestone, and we the ambassadors of this administration are holding our heads high that indeed, the leader has led well.

They emphasized ” Governor Eno has done nearly 80 road projects so far, some of which he inherited from his predecessor, Mr Udom Emmanuel. Governor Eno has delivered impressively on sustainable development. Some of the roads are already inaugurated, while work is ongoing at different stages of completion on others. Governor Umo Eno has turned Akwa Ibom State into one construction site, aimed at improving the lots of the people.

“There is a story about the governor that is under-reported. It is a story of how he turned a devastating scenario of waiting calamity on a gully ravaged area into a lovely attractive site, fit for a tourist centre. Many have not heard of the story, in addition to similar Reclamation Projects across different parts of the State.

“Another crucial sector where the governor has timely and aptly intervened is the education sector, where he has raised a banner without stain and hoisted Akwa Ibom State of the totem pole of a bright future, secured in the comfort of fluffy policies and programmes.

The governor has begun from the foundation to build a skyscraper for education in the State. Two model primary schools are already commissioned.

The statement further highlighted, “”The model primary schools are state-of-the-art facilities which come with sports facilities and residential quarters for teachers to encourage them to give their best to the children. Moreso, free books, school uniforms, school bags and school shoes are given to the children to complement the effort of their parents and guardians. This way, a huge burden is taken from the sponsors while achieving the aim of making the children feel excited to study at that impressionable age.0†

“Governor Umo Eno’s love for education also necessitated the commencement of 100 Million Naira Education Trust Fund for persons with disabilities who are studying in tertiary institutions, and this is enjoyed by all Nigerians irrespective of their States of origin.

Already, the Governor has facilitated the payment of bursary to Akwa Ibom State students in tertiary institutions to ease their financial needs.

“ARISE Ambassadors which to state unequivocally that Governor Umo Eno’s vision for agriculture is unprecedented. We recall that upon assumption of duty, he led a high-powered delegation to far away Port Novo, Benin Republic to understudy the exploits and success of Songhai Farms, which he has already replicated in Akwa Ibom State as Ibom Model Farms, a farm that can be likened to the Garden of Eden. All of these are targeted at achieving food sufficiency and food security for Akwa Ibom people. Good enough, the Governor has adequately mobilizer the people to the farm through effective policies in agriculture.

“It was a masterstroke for Governor Umo Eno when, through the Ibom Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (Ibom LED), the Governor Umo Eno halted 800 youths on their way to poverty, and replaced their destination with that of boom and hope, giving a whopping 400 million Naira at 500 Thousand Naira each, for them to either start a business or inject into existing business as entrepreneurs.

“The governor has equally planted a seed of prosperity for Akwa Ibom State on the fertile soil of aviation sector development, with the second taxiway of the Victor Attah International Airport ready in addition to the International Terminal Building.

One of the major achievements of the previous administration of Mr Udom Emmanuel, inherited by the Governor Umo Eno administration is sustainable peace and security.

“In order to sustain the peace, the governor created a novel ministry of Internal Security and Waterways Management, and appointed a retired General of the Nigerian Army as a maiden commissioner. In addition, Governor Eno added another initiative of Ibom Community Watch which serves as actionable intelligence to regular security agencies. This initiative apart from the peace it has engendered for Akwa Ibom people, also created gainful engagements for the youths from all the units and villages of Akwa Ibom State.

The peace is further complemented with the governor’s support to security agencies such as giving gunboats to the Navy and other logistics support to the security agencies to help nip crime in the bud in the State.

Governor Umo Eno has come with healthy healthcare policies and programmes, revolutionising the healthcare sector from the primary healthcare, where some primary healthcare centres are already commissioned, and the construction and equipping of others are on-going across the State.

“A major achievement of the governor is the payment of gratuities and other entitlements to retirees in Akwa Ibom State, which used to be a major headache and recurring decimal for succeedding administration due to the huge accumulation of the gratuities.

The group added, “we have witnessed that Governor has put smiles on the faces of the retirees in the State, as he has already given about 20 billion Naira for the payment of their gratuities and other entitlements especially to the primary school teachers and other categories of workers.

They described the governor as a compassionate leader who intercedes for the vulnerable members of the society. Through yet another novel initiative, the bulk purchase agency, “Governor Eno is distributing free food to the vulnerable in the society, in addition to the Compassionate Homes built for widows and other disadvantaged members of the society.”

They maintained that the Governor has a plan for all and lpriotizes the welfare of all which has necessitated the housing projects now sprouting in the State for the sake of those who may not have what it takes to acquire land and build their own personal houses.

*Everyone has seen the peace and harmony existing in Akwa Ibom State courtesy of the policy of inclusivity of Governor Umo Eno. To him, everyone is an equal partner in the Akwa Ibom project. That precedes and gives rise to his fantastic relationship with President Bola Tinubu, Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio and other chieftains of the All Progressives Congress, APC and other political parties which should have ordinarily been viewed as opposition parties. Whatever will bring development to Akwa Ibom State is what interests the governor”.

They stressed ,.”A second leg of this is the good relationship existing between the Executive and legislative arms of Government in the State, which is the secret of peace and development for there cannot be development in an environment of rancour. We have heard stories from other climes but a worthy leader is in charge of Akwa Ibom State.

ARISE Ambassadors opined that they are pleased with the way and manner the governor is distributing development projects across the State, in addition to appointments where every part of the State is given a sense of belonging.

“There could not have been better reasons for us as Governor Umo Eno’s ambassadors to be jubilant in his first anniversary. He has indeed exceeded our expectations in one year”

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