Insecurity: More passengers shun rail travels – NBS 

Passengers Storm Train Stations, Inter-state Luxury Buses Cut Fares

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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said a total of 672,198 passengers travelled through the rail system when compared to 1,337,108 reported in the corresponding quarter of 2022, according to its 2023 fourth quarter report.

The figure indicates a growth rate of -49.73 per cent.

The volume of goods/cargos transported in Q4 2023 stood at 119,286 tons compared to 53,136 tons recorded in Q4 2022.

In terms of revenue generation, N1.07 billion was received from passengers during the reference period, showing a decrease of 7.51 per cent from the N1.15 billion recorded in the same quarter of the previous year.

Similarly, N423.22 million was collected from goods/cargos conveyed in Q4 2023, up by 169.16 per cent from N157.23 million received in Q4 2022.

In addition, other receipts amounted to N393.72 million, indicating an increase of 3.02 per cent in Q4 2023 from the N382.17 million collected in Q4 2022.

However, on an annual basis, the number of passengers in 2023 fell by 32.08 per cent compared to the previous year.

The revenue received from passengers declined by 2.64 per cent in 2023, while volume of cargo and revenue from cargo rose by 102.04 per cent, and 144.32 per cent respectively rela tive to 2022.

Meanwhile, Transport Fare Watch for December 2023, in the Q3 2023, reported that the average fare paid by commuters for bus journeys within the city per drop declined to 13.83 per cent from N1,047.64 in November to N902.70 in December 2023. On a year-on year basis, it rose by 40.03 per cent from N644.66 in December 2022.

In another category, the average fare paid by commuters for bus journey intercity per drop was N7,402.16 in December 2023, indicating an increase of 19.26 per cent on a month-on-month basis compared to N6,206.53 in November 2023. On a year-on-year basis, the fare rose by 86.40 per cent from N3,971.22 in December 2022.

In air travel, the average fare paid by air passengers for specified routes single journey was N85,692.12 in December 2023, showing an increase of 5.36 per cent while compared to previous month (November 2023).

On a year-on -year basis, the fare rose by 14.87 per cent from N74,597.30 in December 2022. The average transport fare paid on Okada transportation was N419.73 in December 2023 which declined by 11.29 per cent when compared with the value recorded in November 2023 (N473.13). On a year-on-year basis, the fare declined by 9.04 per cent when compared with December 2022 (N461.45).

For water transport (waterway passenger transportation), the average fare paid in December 2023 increased to N1,386.76 from N1,352.70 which indicates an increase of 2.52 per cent on monthly basis. On a year-on-year basis, it increased by 34.77 per cent from N1,029.00 in December 2022.

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