Kenya secures 2,500 jobs in Saudi Arabia – president

Kenya secures 2,500 jobs in Saudi Arabia – president

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Kenya has reached an agreement to send workers to Saudi Arabia, the country’s President William Ruto says.

Under the deal reached on Thursday, nurses and other skilled workers will go to the Middle Eastern country from Kenya, with 2,500 workers planned for the first deployment.

“Previously, we only sent domestic workers, but now we can export skilled labour to Saudi Arabia and other countries,” President Ruto said on Friday, adding that the workers will receive a monthly salary of 200,000 Kenyan shillings ($1,300; £1,000).

The announcement comes nearly a week after Kenya’s labour ministry said it will send 1,500 workers to Israel “with a guaranteed net [monthly] income” of $1,500.

Last month, President Ruto travelled to Germany to negotiate for 200,000 jobs for Kenyans.

Mr Ruto says he has been canvassing the world for employment opportunities for Kenyans, whom he said are globally renowned for their hard work.

Mr Ruto has previously said that he wants more Kenyans to find work abroad to ease country’s unemployment crisis and send back money to help with Kenya’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves, which has significantly weakened the Kenyan shilling in recent months.

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