Foreign: Mauritania to Host 4th African Conference for

Foreign: Mauritania to Host 4th African Conference for

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…also Youths and Women Peacemakers summit

By Emmanuel Abi Couson



The African Conference for the Promotion of Peace will hold its 4th international conference, in partnership with the government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. whose President Mr. Mohamed Ould Sheikh Al-Ghazouani will be the host

The event scheduled to hold in the Mauritania Capital Noukchott from 9-11 January 2024, will have in attendance dignitaries from the continent and the rest of world .

As part of activities of the conference there will be the 2nd edition of the Youth and Women Peace Makers Summit in Africa with the theme “Ancient Education: Fortification and Empowerment” to be chaired by Dr Maryam Muhammad Fadel Al-Dah, first lady of Mauritania.

The conference with the theme ” Ancient Education in Africa: Science and Peace” will be Chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Beh Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Peace Forum.

The theme was chosen by the African Conference for the Promotion of Peace and it coincide with the historic decision of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to include the Mauritanian Museum on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The conference organisers has praised the great role of Peace promotion in the continent by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Mauritania and also his priority to ensure museums and historical sites are well preserved as scientific, cultural, religious and intellectual heritage of ancient institutions and artifects from extinction and to protect it from fading in the face of the sweeping torrent of globalization and the crisis ideas that threaten the cultural identity of the countries of the continent.

In this context, the fourth forum deals with ancient education, represented by what the historical experience of African societies has created in terms of private educational institutions, which have always been roots of authentic knowledge, bridges of communication and happy coexistence, impenetrable fortresses, and calls for division and difference, incubators of the values of peace and brotherhood, and tributaries of Islamic authentic African identity.

The event will be a platform for fruitful partnership and beneficial dialogue, amongst decision-makers, religious leaders and various societal elites that seeks to contribute – along with other partners from regional and international organizations – to fashion out ways through which ancient education can regain its full role and which it can be effective in promoting peace and the spirit of harmony and strengthening the immunity of societies, and how to enrich this authentic experience with the latest modern educational approaches.

As part of the activities of the 4th forum, the second edition of the Youth and Women Peacemakers Summit in Africa will be held, under the title: “Ancient Education: Fortification and Empowerment.” Under the patronage of the First Lady, Dr. Maryam Muhammad Fadel Al-Dah, wife of His Excellency the President of the Republic, this summit provides the opportunity for a serious dialogue between youth and feminist leaders with decision-makers and scholars to present their ideas and highlight their views on issues of peace and the future of the continent.

The annual international forum of the African Peace Conference is considered the most prominent intellectual and cultural event on the African continent, bringing together decision-makers from the continent’s presidents, representatives of African governments, heads of jurisprudence councils and Sharia councils, senior scholars, preachers, and leaders of religious affairs with the most prominent youth and feminist leaders to come up with scientific and intellectual approaches that benefit people and last for the land.

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