Irish chef breakd Hilda Baci’s GWR for longest cooking marathon

Irish chef breakd Hilda Baci’s GWR for longest cooking marathon

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Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has lost her GWR title for the longest cooking marathon.
Baci who entered into the GWR early this year had her record broken by an Irish chef based in Japan, Alan Fisher.
WGR confirmed the the new record of 119 hours 57 minutes.
The previous record held by Baci was 93 hours 11 minutes.

  GWR stated on Tuesday via its website that Fisher cooked continuously for 119 hours 57 minutes, surpassing the previous record of 93 hours 11 minutes set by Baci.

The Irishman also claimed the record for longest baking marathon, baking for 47 hours and 21 minutes, beating the prior record of 31 hours and 16 minutes.

Remarkably, Fisher undertook both record attempts back-to-back, spending over 160 hours straight in the kitchen.The Tokyo resident achieved the feats at his restaurant Kyojin Stewhouse, where he serves traditional Irish meals. Fisher took on the challenge to recover from pandemic hardships that nearly shuttered his business.To set the records, the chef prepared over 550 kg of food and 3,360 portions of 32 Irish recipes. Fisher said support from his local community kept him going through fatigue and hallucinations.

“I was representing myself, my family, and Irish food, and sharing our story. I couldn’t give up. That was the only option,” he stated. Guinness praised Fisher’s “incredible feat of endurance.”

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