Defense Hq Gives A Summary of it’s Operations

Defense Hq Gives A Summary of it’s Operations

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The Nigeria defense headquarters on Thursday  gave a summary of activities of the Military Operations.

The summary was contained in a statement signed by the Director of Defense media operations Maj. General Musa Danmadami on Thursday.

According to the summary, it recovered 20 AK47 rifles, 92 Rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 894 Rounds of 7.62mm special, 2 PKT gun, 1 Pump action gun, 1 Barreta pistol 28 AK47 magazines

Others are 8 Rounds of 9mm ammunition 83 Rounds of 7.62 x 54mm special, 5 Dane guns, and 3 IEDs, 19 Motorcycles, 10 Mobile phones and 34 Cattle.

It neutralized 25 Terrorists and arrested
10 suspected criminals and 24 Kidnapped victims were rescued.

In the northeast zone , the Nigerian Army announced that it recovered 14 AK47 rifles 6 Dane guns, 2 x 36 Hand grenades, 2 Local grenades, 1 RPG tube, 1 Pump action gun, 547 Rounds of 7.62mm special.

Others are 75 Rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 46 Empty cases of 7.62mm NATO 15 Empty cases of 7.62mm special, 10 Empty cases of 12.7mm ammunition 1 IED detonating fuse.

Others are; 5 Pairs of Boko Haram Terrorist uniforms, 10 Motorcycles, 49 Bicycles, 14 Arrows and the Sum N11,046,010.00 only

It announced that it rescued 15 Kidnapped civilians.

Arrested 40 Terrorist logistics suppliers, 15 Notorious criminals 7 Terrorists, 4 Drug peddlers, 3 Kidnappers, 3 Terrorists collaborators

Neutralized 26 BH/ISWAP Terrorists

And 743 Boko Haram members and their families surrendered
16 Mobile phones, 12 sacks of cannabis were recovered.

In the North Central Zone , It announced a recovery of 7 AK47 rifles, 1 SMG rifle, 2 local rifles 11 Dane guns, 4 fabricated revolver guns, 1 G3 rifle.

Others are 10 Rounds of 7.62mm special, 32 Rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 13 Rounds of 12.7mm ammo, 20 Rounds of 9mm ammo, 3 AK47 magazines, 2 Daggers, 4 cutlasses, 5 Mobile phones

9 Kidnapped Civilians were rescued, 86 Suspected criminals, arrested and 4 Terrorists neutralized.

In the south south region , as per recovery, 122,600 Litres of crude oil , 89,850 Litres of AGO.

And as for discovered and destroyed; 57 Illegal refining sites, 27 Wooden boats, 7 Vehicles, 158 Storage tanks, 18 Pumping machines 1 Outboard engine, 149 Ovens, 8 Dugout pits, 1 Speedboat, 6 Assorted ammunitions.

It announced the arrest of 16 Economic saboteurs.

Within the weeks in focus oil thieves were denied a total of N82,445,150.00 in the South South Region.

As for the south East; Recovery; 4 Excavators, 7 Tippers trucks, 1 Generating set 6 AGO jerrycans, 2 Motorcycles 2 Vehicles, 1 Locally-made pistol, 1 Pump action rifle, 2 Partridges, 6 Mobile phones, 1 Digital camera
Also, it neutralized Criminals and arrested 8 Suspected terrorists
And rescued 4 Kidnapped civilians.

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