Peter Obi’s petition against Tinubu is an exercise in futility – Ned Nwoko

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Ned Nwoko, the Delta North senator-elect, has reacted to the petition of the Labour Party Presidential candidate against the emergence of Tinubu as president-elect.

The lawmaker said the petition is an exercise in futility.

Nwoko said that once the President-elect is sworn in, the petition filed against him at the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal in Abuja, might not see the light of day.

“Once Tinubu is inaugurated as President, he takes charge of everything. He becomes the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces; he orders them and uses them as he wishes. He appoints new Chief Justice upon recommendation by the judicial council. So, you see, it is almost impossible to stop him from completing his four years tenure’

According to him, the Labour Party’s ‘’poor assessment of the situation and unrealistic expectations” led to its defeat. He said if the opposition parties had teamed up, they would have trounced the ruling APC in the election, given the ‘poor performance’ of the current APC regime, led by President Buhari.

“Moving forward, the PDP and Labour Party have to come to terms and make the next election more strategic. Natural alliance between both parties is the only way to save Nigeria from this inauspicious government.” he added

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