Sex is a ‘beautiful thing’, says Pope Francis

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Pope Francis has praised the virtues of sex in a documentary , describing it as “one of the beautiful things that God has given to the human person”.

He revealed this in a documentary titled ” The Pope Answers”, a Disney+ production, which captures a meeting he had last year in Rome with 10 people aged in their early 20s.

Francis was quizzed by the young people on a variety of topics, including LGBT rights, abortion, the porn industry, sex, faith and sex abuse within the Catholic Church.

“To express yourself sexually is a richness. So, anything that detracts from real sexual expression lessens you and depletes this richness,” he said, referring to masturbation.

When asked whether he knew what a “non-binary person” was, Francis replied in the affirmative, saying that LGBT people must be welcomed by the Catholic Church.

“All persons are the children of God – all persons. God does not reject anybody. God is a father. And I have no right to expel anyone from the church,” he said.

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