UNICEF Organizes Poem for Peace in Maiduguri

UNICEF Organizes Poem for Peace in Maiduguri

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Winners have emerged in this year’s poetry competition, which is To commemorate the 2023 World Poetry Day. The UNICEF organised poetry competition is for children affected by conflict in Maiduguri, north-east Nigeria. Here are the winning poems dedicated to peace in the region. A place bestowed with peace Exalted as the home of peace A fortunate scope full of heroes Surrounded by young men and women As resilient as a rock. Killing and maiming became a visual perspective Freedom hijacked Lives lost Properties crumble Our eyes are tired of weeping, Our hearts are sick of woe, Our days pass heavily But the lamp of hope must glow If life must be so full of care, Then call us soon to thee, Or give us strength enough to Bear our load of misery   – Abbas Bukar Lawan, 17, north-east Nigeria Abbas Bukar From loud cheers to painful tears From warm homes to cozy embraces The wind blows cold, heavy with their fears The skies clad and grey Condensing into swords of rain Cutting through our skin Our blood boils with revenge But what we need is change The grey hair is withering away Without any wish to stay. When will we see the day? When the wind will now be light And the thick clouds would be bright So the rays of peace will shine With happiness and cheers And the lives of the people who perished Would now be relished Let’s raise up the cup of hope And let the rivers flow To grow the plant which they sow And the fingers which chose the contrary of peace Would live to reap what the sow – Fatima Husna Zaharadeen, 15, north-east Nigeria Fatima husna I stand under the sun stranded Thinking of the days gone by When people stand in unity and in peace The grasses were then green The wind danced through with ease Peace was all that we could hear. But today, today we hear gunshots In place of the songs of the birds Today we receive bullet shell showers In place of the rainfall Peace torn to pieces. The soft music of life is now the painful dirge of our soul. Only when the power of love Overcomes the love of power Then the world will know peace! – Khadija Hassan Elechi, 14, north-east Nigeria kadija Everyone needs free air To breath freedom and peace Let’s make the night bring a brighter day For the owls to wander throughout the day Stones are not food to chew For the poor man to relish with stew The world is greenish on the other side While here, it’s grey and yellowish Bring the key that locks the door When the bad eggs approach like owls The light is powerful in its brightness But the stars never hide in the darkness Peace beams the heart brightly For the soul to inhale and be healed Peace is water, air and food That everyone needs to survive. Peace is food to the soul For the heart feeds on peace – Zainab Umar Alfa, 14, north-east Nigeria

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