Don’t vote blindly, Vote Competent Candidates – Peter Obi

Obi tackles opponents, says presidency not retirement home, place to take turns 

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The flag bearer of the Labour party in the recently concluded presidential election, Peter Obi has called on all Obidients not to vote blindly in the forth coming gubernatorial and state elections.

Obi made this known in a channelsTv program, Sunrise on Thursday morning.

According to Obi, he expects obidients to look out for competence, character and principle before voting any candidate.

He said people shouldn’t just vote because it is Labour Party but rather the focus should be on the candidate on the ballot.

“The watch word should be capacity, competence and character in voting a candidate”

He said the labour party has a couple of good candidates across the states. He mentioned states like Lagos, Abia, Plateau and Delta state.

Obi added that the candidates of these states are young , vibrant and competent.

“There are States where we have competent people. Let me start with Lagos , Abia, Plateau , Delta. These are Young and competent people.
We have in one or two states and in other states ”

“We don’t have all over,
We have about 6 or 8 of them who can do the job”

“Vote where we have competence and people that can do the job”

Obi said whoever is elected on the labour party will be checked and put on his feet constantly to make sure he or she does the right thing.

“Anybody who is elected on LP , we are going to ensure that he follows our culture , we will monitor him or her”

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