Ignore Okowa, PDP’s campaign of calumny against APC, omo-Agege….Niboro

Tinubu innovative, experienced to govern Nigeria…Niboro

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…Says Okowa clutching on unhelpful straws


Former Presidential Spokesman, Olorogun Ima Niboro, has urged Deltans and the general public at large to ignore the recently ramped up campaign of calumny against the Delta All Progressives Congress, APC, and its governorship candidate, Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Niboro noted that  the “triple evils“ of PDP,  Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and PDP governorship candidate, Mr. Sheriff Oborevwori was merely to paint the APC governorship candidate in bad light. 

Niboro who is also the Director of Communications and Media Strategy of the Delta APC Campaign Council, said known to PDP is Omo-Agege’s sterling records, unimpeachable reputation and his mass appeal.

He said it is these characteristics that have placed him head and shoulders above others, to win the March 18 governorship polls.

Niboro predicted that the attacks would “crescendo in the hours before the polls, because the “triple evils” have no explanation for their dismal performance, and character assassination seems to be their only recourse as defeat stares them in the face.

“Information at our disposal indicates that PDP and Okowa have hired hack writers, columnists and social media operatives to do as much damage as possible to the reputation of Senator  Omo-Agege in the final build up to the elections. 

“They seek to use these attacks to diminish the APC candidate in the public eye. But let me assure them that it is too late. They are proverbially attempting to close the barn doors after the horses have bolted. 

“ Deltans are sick and tired of the wicked shenanigans of the triple evils and a million hack writers, columnists, social media operators, and avatars to boot, aren’t going to change their minds about Senator Omo-Agege. Their well oiled and heavily funded media onslaught will go nowhere, and we advise government media managers deploying public resources for this ill fated venture to begin to prepare their expenditure retirements, because the incoming administration will definitely look into it.

“Governor Okowa knows Sheriff is as incompetent as they come, and definitely will not take the mantle of leadership as governor of Delta State, so engaging “pay per paragraph” hacks changes nothing. On the contrary, it hardens the resolve of the incoming government to take a critical look at this remorseless administration with a view to rescuing whatever of our stolen patrimony as it can.

“Deltans are a smart and intelligent people, done in by a straight 16years of bad governance between Governors Emmanuel Uduaghan and Okowa. Our people know the woes they have suffered under both men. Interestingly , it is them that are propping up Sheriff to take the suffering to the next level, and extend it from 16 to 24 years. 

“ Deltans are determined to say God forbid to that on March 18, and teach a salient lesson to the Speaker who cannot speak, and who aided and abetted the governor in frittering away the fortunes of the State in the past eight years. 

“ Credible sources have informed us that the PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar already rues his decision to pick incompetent Okowa  as running mate because his tragic maladministration led to the loss of Delta, and punched a big hole in their final tally in the February 25 presidential election- with the associated loss of Rivers State as big collateral damage.

“What is clear to Deltans is that karma is being served cold to Okowa and his lackey, Sheriff. With their head’s spinning, they are now clutching at straws. Besmirching Senator Omo-Agege, the man Deltans have chosen as their political messiah and given the brief to chase the “triple evils” called PDP, Okowa and Sheriff, from Delta, would yield nothing.

“Apart from issues already in the public domain that have been legally resolved and for which Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has been given a clean bill of health, they have gone as far as wickedly creating a fake telephone conversation to portray Senator Omo-Agege in further bad light. 

“The triple evils are so infantile that they didn’t even attempt to take advantage of widespread voice cloning technology to commit the act. So they recorded some coarse, “ogogoro”bleached tone, and attempted to pass it across as Senator Omo-Agege’s clear, ringing  voice that, having campaigned across the state, is well known to all Deltans.

“The people of Delta state know the truth and have made their choice in the person of Senator Omo-Agege and that is why Okowa and Sheriff are running helter skelter begging for support from persons of all walks of life in Delta State.

“About eight days to Governorship Election Day, Governor Okowa and PDP have not been able to present Speaker Sheriff to take up the challenge of a live TV debate thrown at him by Senator Omo-Agege. We are pleased to inform them that the invitation remains open, even after Senator Omo-Agege becomes governor, so that even at that time, Deltans would be able to see what potential mess they were saved from.”


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