IPCR to build contemporary peace academy –Bakut 

IPCR to build contemporary peace academy –Bakut 

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The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has hinted of plan to build a world standard contemporary peace academy.

Director General of the Institute, Dr. Bakut Tswah Bakut drop the hint yesterday in Abuja at the induction of 37 graduates into membership of the Peace Institute (mpi).

The newly inductees were trained by the National Peace Academy (NPA) a training arm of the IPCR.

Bakut revealed that proposed Peace Academy Centre would be built on 20 hectares of land space with international centre for mediation and negotiation.

He further revealed that the agency has secured  the approval of government for the building of the academy.

Bakut also praised the inductees on their resilient in the face of some difficulties.

He therefore mandated them to always represent the institute anywhere, everywhere based on the fact it was recognized all over the world as a fore most federal government institute saddled with peace building and conflict resolution responsibilities.

He also urged the inductees to always upgrade themselves so as to enable them mediate from the point of knowledge and world’s best practices.

Also, Director of the academy, Dr. Bosade Awodola expressed joy that the Institute is building a data bank of resourceful workforce in peace building in Nigeria.

Awodola was also pleased that the Academy has gradually  become a learning centre to be reckoned with, saying it had grown more than they had anticipated.

She reminded the inductees on the need to work hard as peace building works need resilience.

Chairman of NPA Alumni, Sir Innocent Nweke (mpi) who welcomed the inductees to the peace building palace urged them to be steadfast in their task as peace building was painstaking.

He asked the inductees to always pursue an absolute peace upon the fact that it may not be possible to achieve, but will make them to arrive at relative peace.
Presenting a paper titled, “Peace Building in Democratic era in Nigeria” Dr. Peters Maji stated that conflict have become more diverse and challenging giving multiplicity of issues at hand.

Maji noted that most states were divided along tribal and religious lines, but expressed hope that it could be made better by applying intensive peace building mechanism that would be sustainable.

One of the inductees, Iyo Dorine from Diddo Ance Niche Concept expressed happiness on the training and induction saying that her target of institutionalizing peace building practice was in the family being the first unit of the society.


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