2023: Only Tinubu has manifesto, plan to govern…Group 

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A group, Lawyers Network for Bola Ahmed Tinubu has chided all the presidential candidates except the All Progressives Congress’s candidate for lacking a manifesto and working plans to govern if elected.

Sufyanu Seidu, Co-Convener of the network said in Abuja. 

Seidu said, “More interestingly, it is only the candidacy of Tinubu/Shettima that have provided the electorates with a clear Manifesto and action plans on how to take up governance upon their emergence at the poll. Laughably and pitiably, one of the candidates has told the world that his manifesto is in his head even in less than a 100 days to the election. Nigerians must be watchful and weary of opportunists and people who do not even appreciate our history. Rather than focus on issues, the opponents of Asiwaju/Shettima have consistently thrown out offensive and often defamatory statements attacking the man of an unequalled antecedents in governance above them.

“Democracy must be built through an open society that shares information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. Occasionally the truth stands alone, and it is sought through debates, and constructive dissection of facts. By this means, we prevent the abuse of information, defeat ignorance, ensuring accountability and strengthening democracy. “

Seidu stressed that “Elections provide an important opportunity to advance democratization and encourage political liberalization. 

“In the build up to the forthcoming 2023 election, we have assured Nigerians in our preceding media briefing in Lagos that as lawyers and social engineers, we shall continue to engage the electorates for proper guidance on their choice of candidates. The excitement of the masses about the forthcoming election is such that it breathes hope and anticipation that we can survive our basic challenges as a country.

“However, there is an appalling trend which has over the years characterized our politics during every election, and obviously 2023 will not be an exception. We have a society that deviate and get distracted from issue-based campaigns but pursue frivolities over purpose and we may often subject ourselves to more ridicule before the International Community.  

“As lawyers we are duty-bound to educate and remind Nigerians and the International Community that Nigeria as a Sovereign State enjoys sovereign rights, duties and powers under International law, and the sovereign activities of another country should not be allowed to drive our legal and political internal activities. As we draw closer to the election, we are confident that it is only Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima amongst other  major contenders that have had direct engagement with all the sections that are crucial to our society. 

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