Man Arraigned for missing 33 Bag of Rice worth NN561, 000

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One Jonah Ehin has been arraigned before an Abuja Customary Court in Kubwa for missing 33 bags of Nigerian local rice worth N561,000

Besides, he was alleged to have sold the bags of rice for N7,000 less than the actual price.

He sold the bags of rice for N10,000 instead of N17, 000. 

It was however not known if he remitted the money to the owner of the rice in what could be described as a business gone awry.

 Jonah Ehin allegedly ordered 100 bags of rice from his supplier Ibrahim Adonai at N17,000 per bag

with a promise to pay, but failed to keep his own part of the bargain. When he was asked to return the bags of rice, he however  could not account for 33 bags. 

Ehin, who resides in the Lokogoma area of Abuja, according to the charge sheet, “on the 27th of August 2019, ordered for the 100 bags of rice to be supplied to Mass Development Foundation in Dutse, Sokale area of Abuja. He also promised his supplier to pay him a part payment of 10 Million upon delivery but did not keep to his agreement.

Ibrahim, upon seeing that the deal was not kept, came back to pick his rice but noticed that 33 bags worth about N561, 000 were missing.

Jonah, who was arraigned for cheating, pleaded not guilty.

He was granted bail, and the case was adjourned till 13th of December 2022.

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