Flooding: NOA calls for humanitarian support from  private, Corporate citizens

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Nigerians have been urged to come to the aid of victims of recent flooding in the country.

The Director General of the agency, Dr. Garba Abari, who made the appeal on Thursday said the humanitarian crisis as a result of the flood cannot be left to the government alone, noting that the burden would be too much in the face of paucity of funds.

Abari therefore called on both individuals and corporate citizens to come to the aid of the victims who have been displaced and are in Internally Displaced Persons camps. 

According to NEMA, no fewer than 600 lives have been lost; over 2,400 persons injured; about 1,302,589 persons have been displaced; over 2.5 million persons have been affected, one way or another; about 332,327 hectares of farmlands have been totally destroyed; 82,052 houses partially damaged; 121,318 houses totally destroyed beyond repair; and property worth several hundred millions damaged in what is, arguably, the worst flooding and humanitarian crisis the country has ever experienced in recent history. 

 In Bayelsa State, over 700,000 persons have been displaced in over 300 communities all the eight Local Government Areas of the state and even corpses have been washed out from their graves by the flood. 

Addressing Journalists on Thursday on the urgent need for support from members of the public given the paucity of funds, Abari said the country has a dire situation at hand which calls for the involvement of all and sundry in remedying the situation. 

He said, “The situation calls for urgent intervention by all and sundry. It is, by no means, a burden that the government alone can bear. “The existential challenge of the current flooding in parts of Nigeria is one of such national trying moments that call for every one of us to summon that humanity and brotherly compassion that Nigerians are known for. 

“We must rise up to answer the clarion call of being our brothers’ keepers in this time of need. It is a time when those who can help must reach out a hand to those who need help.”

The NOA boss further pleaded with Nigerians to send aid to the flooded areas so as to help ameliorate the suffering of the people. 

“We therefore call on all citizens, individual and corporate, to mobilize and send aid to flood ravaged individuals and communities, both in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps and elsewhere. Faith based organizations and non-governmental organizations are particularly encouraged to organize and mobilize their members to provide relief to affected communities. 

“The general public is called upon to provide aids such as foodstuff, drinking water, beddings, blankets, wrappers, camping gas, cooking utensils, detergents, sanitary packs, toiletries, mosquito nets and medications to the victims of flood. These aids, be they financial, material or physical, will go a long way to ameliorate the sufferings of our compatriots.

” Indeed, even within affected communities, those who are least affected should offer support to those who are more affected by offering food, clothes, shelter, help with evacuation and other forms of assistance.”


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