PCC holds interactive session in Abuja

PCC holds interactive session in Abuja

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The Public Complaints Commission’s (PCC) on Friday held a one-day interactive, dialogue, investigation, questions and answer session to help address some challenges in the Correctional Services and the justice system in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the session had the theme “Systemic and proactive investigation through dialogue, questions and answers on the dangers of jailbreak and consequences of recapturing for prisoners and warders in Kuje Correctional Services.”

However, the Chairman, House Committee on Public Petition, Hon. Jerry Alagbaosa, during the session reterieted the House of Representatives commitment to add value to the Public Complaints Commission’s (PCC) 2023 budget for its importance to the society.

The committee’s Chairman said the activities of PCC in the country were very important and strategic to nation building, hence the need to add value and support the commission was paramount.

According to him, there is need for adequate dialogue, investigation, questions and answers in the jurisdiction section to help address some challenges in the country.

“We don’t know if there will be any jailbreak during the election and if there is going to be jailbreak; then this is proactive, that is why this type of gatherings are important, especially time before the election.

“You can see we have the police men, Human Rights, correctional service and so on, then the National Assembly that helps in the budget.

“We should talk of questions and answers so that we know what leads to the issue of jailbreak. For instance, the dilapidated nature of the buildings, also the type of food are the conditions that will frustrate the inmates.

“Then are some of them sleeping uncomfortably, some of them sleeping on mats on matress then what is the relationship between the warder and the inmates, is it harsh, is it very brutal ?

“Because these are the things that will push the true factors when you talk of jailbreak, then you also talk about if there are innocent citizens put in the prison,” he said.

The Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Hon. Ambimbola Ayo-Yusuf, said the mandates of the commission were positioned to promote social justice for all Nigerians.

Ayo-Yusuf said it provided a viable option for Nigerians or a resident to seek redress against injustice arising from administrative bureaucratic errors.

Besides, he explained that some jailbreak was due to over congestion and some ill-treatment in the correctional facilities.

“The treatment in the prison and I think is properly right, sometimes when they don’t get properly fed, they get agitated and start thinking how to get out of the prison.

“But the Kuje was not outright jailbreak, like the Correctional officer said that it was external, but the internal is congestion and ill-treatment.

“I think we need to work on the judicial system because most of them in the prison are awaiting trials, that’s the annoying part of it.

“Some of them are there for stealing yams and why do you have to do that and so we need to talk to the judicial system.

The Chief Commissioner also revealed that the commission had the role of improving public administration in the laws, procedures, practices, rules and regulations and standard behaviour of officials. (NAN) (

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