Ministry to Focus on developing ebola, malaria vaccines.. Minister 

Ministry to Focus on developing ebola, malaria vaccines.. Minister 

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…….Inaugurates Committee for 2023 Expo


The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, will focus more on making vaccines for Major viral Infection that affects Nigerians, the Minister in charge of the ministry, Dr Adeleke Olorunnimbe Mamora has said.

Mamora said that the ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Sector has potentials to transform the country’s economy.

 The Minister disclosed this at the critical stakeholders meeting on Thursday in Abuja, where he also inaugurated the planning committee for the Expo 2023 which is to take place on Monday 16th to Friday 20th of January 2023.

He said that the meeting is to discuss the way forward for the sector. 

Mamora also urged the stakeholders meeting to examine the lessons learnt from the previous expo, the impact created and possible collaboration for the sustainable development of the country, using the platform, science, technology and innovation.

He said “One of the most recent tech that is being pursued right now is vaccines,vaccines technology. And we have gone beyond covid because some of us, our focus should be on what afflicts us as a people. That is vaccine preventable childhood diseases, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough, we shouldn’t be talking of this; because these are vaccines preventable. 

“We should not be reliable any longer on any manufacturing agencies out there, but we should be manufacturing every one of our vaccines and pay attention to the reasons that are difficult, we are talking about Ebola,Lacer fever, Malaria. Malaria still remains the greatest and commonest cause of death, so we need to focus our attention, because the whole essence of what we are doing in terms of science, technology and innovation is to address our own challenges. Let us address our own issues first.”

Speaking on the challenges, he said one of the major challenges facing the ministry is to take research products to the market, and also create enough awareness to make sure it reaches consumers; adding that the ministry is outsourcing ways to bridge that gap.

“Taking research products to the market is one of the challenges we face. There is no point having research results just hanging on the shelfs in the various institutions, we must take them to market. That is one of the challenges and that is one of the things we are trying to overcome” he added.


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