Congo  Woman Married to 2 Men Opens up on Her Marriage in Video 

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…Says They all Sleep on the Same Bed


Francine Jisele from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) lives with two husbands; first husband Remi Murula and second one Albert Jarlace.  Murula left their home in search of greener pastures and cut communication with his wife, despite having two children with her After waiting for him for a long time, Jisele decided to move on with another man, but Murula came back after one year only to discover that his wife is with another man. 

Francine Jisele lives with her first husband Remi Murula and her second one Albert Jarlace in the same house with their children, a relationship that is known as polyandry. 

Polyandry is when one woman marries more than one husband and lives with them in the same house. 

  Jisele who first got married six years ago to Murula explained “Just because life was not easy, the man went on a trip and never came back. I found myself alone out here, I spent three years and half in a single life without my husband,” she told Afrimax English in an interview. 

She went on, “After those years I lost him I fell in love with this other man. After one year with the second husband, the first one came back,” she revealed. 

Jisele hadn’t expected her husband to come back after being away for all those years. 

Jarlace on his part explained how after a year a man surfaced unexpectedly but he has no choice than to still be with her.

 “I met this woman when I was working in the mining industry and she told me that she had another husband and how that man left her saying that he was going to find a life,” explained Albert Jarlace. 

“I felt I had no choice because we were already together since I had lived with her not knowing she had another man,” he added. 

When Murula came back he fought Jarlace arguing that Jisele was his woman.

 “The woman asked me not to leave her. So I felt that it was necessary to stay with her and for now we have one child together,” said Jarlace. “Tuko watatu ( there are two men here and here) . We get along well, this woman is our wife. 

Accepting his error, Murula said since he left to look for better life, he failed to call his wife even once.

” When I came back I found my wife with another man,” added Murula. 

Murula explained that at first he threw tantrum but “I realised if had talked to my  wife while I was away, she wouldn’t have done anything like that. I had no place to go and I was at fault,” he said. 

“We eat at the same table, sleep in the same bedroom and on the same bed. I love them both. We live at peace at home,” said Jisele. 

The men share the work and bring home the bacon while the lady respects both of them. The concern they have is not being able to tell the children apart. Wife identifies the father of the kids. When it comes to intimacy moments, one of us leaves the other to enjoy. The woman is the one who identifies the father of the children. 

“My family knows my situation and adviced me to calm down because I abandoned my wife,” said Murula. 

Jisele says it’s hard for her; she wishes each man had a home and she would go to them. She doesn’t want the three of them to keep meeting in the same bedroom at the same time. 

“I want to leave and give space to the woman’s ‘hubby as he is her known hubby. If I could get help of a ticket I would leave and let my fellow hubby stay at his house. The woman wouldn’t accept me to move away,” said Jarlace. 

I am not happy to see us two men sharing the woman; the land and the home are mine and the woman is mine,” he added.

 As it stands, Muriula said the three will live together until one of them gets tired and leaves. 


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