Buhari’s administration marred by killing, kidnappings….CAN

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The President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration have been marred by incessant killings and kidnapping, the Leadership of the Christians Association of Nigerian (CAN) said on Thursday.

CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle in his New Year message titled: ‘Dwelling in the Secret Place of the Mist High: Key to Overcoming Challenges throughout the Year’, advised all to love one another so as to put an end to: “cruelty against one another under any guise. Nigerians deserve to have their rest of mind”.

Ayokunle also pleaded with Nigerians to adhere to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols no matter the situation.

The CAN boss in a statement issued in Abuja said: “I plead with all of us to please observe all the COVID-19 protocols this year. Maintain social distancing, do hand washing or use sanitizer. Make sure you always wear your face mask whenever you are out from your house until we all together, under God, wipe away this wicked virus from the face of the earth. Avoid frivolous traveling meanwhile and use virtual meetings where possible for your safety.

“I urge all those in political power in our nation to lead with humility by listening to Godly admonition because their wisdom alone may not be enough to reposition our nation, especially, to restore our security and bring about peace and prosperity presently eluding our nation. The present spate of kidnappings for ransom or death, terrorism, banditry, herdsmen attack, armed robbery and other anti-social activities in our nation are dents on the leadership of our nation. Though, we understand that leadership is tough and sympathize with those in power, Nigerians at the same time expect that leadership would rise more gallantly to address our near horrible socio-economic situation in this nation which is almost crippling us.

“I congratulate everyone of us whom God has spared to see this New Year in the midst of the dreadful and devastating coronavirus that ravaged our world and sent many people to early graves more than any war in the recent past. The high and the low really fell in 2020. While we again commiserate with those who lost their loved ones and pray for fortitude for them to bear the loss, it is right for the rest of us to say, ‘to God alone be the glory.’ My prayer is that, the God of mercy who showed us mercy in 2020 shall continue to show us mercy in this New Year in Jesus’ name”.

He said that the best way to overcome the challenges of this year without loosing anything is to dwell in the ‘Secret Place of the Most High’, adding that: “This would cause us to abide under the shadow of the Almighty always according to Psalm 91, beginning from verse one. The whole Psalm is appropriate as our watchword to overcome all challenges of the year.

“I was reading in the newspaper the statement of Bill Gates who said that he could not explain why COVID-19 mortality was low in Africa generally where healthcare was poorer than the Developed World. The right answer is that dwelling in the secret place of the Most High saved Africa. We are technologically poor but we believe we have a big and great God whom we can trust, whom we can run to His secret place and abide under His shadow. The mercy of God made the difference in Africa, especially Nigeria where health experts predicted that 30 million people would die. I am not saying that the advanced nations of the world do not believe in God but that our own lack of human strength, lack of health infrastructure (though not our pride), have made us to trust in God more than human science and technology. The mercy of God has preserved us and will continue to preserve us all the days of our lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

“The secret place of the Most High is like the VIP lounge where important people stay in the airport. It is different from the common lounge where other travellers stay. It is equipped with better chairs for maximum comfort and with other services making waiting at the airport more comfortable. On behalf of Christian Association of Nigeria, I wish everyone in this nation a Happy, Prosperous and COVID-19 free New Year 2021 in Jesus’ name.”

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