Israel launches national artificial intelligence plan at $1.63bn

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Israel has launched a national programme to promote artificial intelligence and data science at a total cost of 5.26 billion new shekels (1.63 billion dollars), the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) said on Wednesday.

The programme was prepared by the IIA, Israel’s Council for Higher Education, and the defence, science and technology, and finance ministries.

The goals of the programme are to promote high-level research in these fields and to create an ecosystem that will enable the continued development and competitiveness of industry, academia and the public sector in these fields.

It also aims to develop critical applications for Israel’s security system, and to assimilate the use of Artificial Intelligence in industry, services, and government ministries.

Of the total cost, 1.15 billion shekels will be directed to the Israeli academy, 1.09 billion shekels to industrial activity, 1.08 billion shekels to the security system, 1.08 billion shekels to the set-up of a supercomputer, and 860 million shekels to cloud services.


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