Norwegian Ambassador says priority is to improve business relations with Nigeria

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The Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Knut Eiliv Lein has said one of his priority is to promote business relations between his country and Nigeria.

Currently, the major trade between both countries is stockfish.

This as he maintained that Norway is ready to maintain bilateral relationship with Nigeria and as well as Togo, Cameron and Benin.

The envoy told newsmen in Abuja that he will be embarking on three main priorities while in Nigeria.

The ambassador explained that his main priorities include business promotion, promotion of sustainable goals and human rights and engaging Nigeria as a partner for regional stability.

Emphasising on the business promotion, he said both countries have long standing relationship when it comes to business.

“I was surprise to see how many Norwegian companies are here in Nigeria but half of them are oil and gas which am not surprised from a country like ours. But I was surprise to see the varieties among others like the tech companies, agriculture, energy and so on.

“I was fascinated coming here and meeting Nigerians with experiences in fish farming, agriculture, commerce. Also included in the business promotion is everything that comes with responsible business, anti-corruption which is our priority. By second half of next year, we will aim for a very big events here in Nigeria with Norwegians participation from the private sector,” he said.

The ambassador said his country is eager to have Nigeria as a partner in the promotion of sustainable goals and human rights. “We partner alot with the United Nations organizations particularly on the North East in the area of health, food security, democracy and lots more but also outside Nigeria.”

Norway, he said is also ready to engage Nigeria as a partner for regional stability as it has cooperation against terrorism, promotion of Maritime Security, advancement of women, peace and security agenda where it will engage Nigeria in the UN mandates.

“It is also about conflict prevention. Norway has a long history of doing that either at the local level or on the bigger scale peace mediation part,” he said.

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