Law to protect online intellectual property coming…NCC DG.

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…U.S donates computers, other accessories to fight piracy


The.Director General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), John Asein has expressed confidence that the law guiding online work will be in place before the ending of 2021.
Asein said the bill which is still undergoing review by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) will soon be transmitted to the National Assembly.
The bill when it is finally passed into law, he said it will help protect intellectual properties and give the creative art some semblance of deceny.
This is as the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the US Department of State donated 50 computers and accessories to the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) to fight piracy.
The equipment are meant to assist NCC in its online monitoring and enforcement.
The Commission had recently launched online enforcement unit to help protect intellectual property.
Speaking at the short ceremony, Asein said “am saying here that government is so very much aware of the anxiety going round the copy right bill. Sooner very soon we will have a that bill when the bill finally gets to the National Assembly, funnily everyone around that area is expecting the bill.”
He also said the bill will restore confidence and help protect intellectual works in the country.
Speaking on the support from US narcotic agency, NCC DG said the commission has the ability to track pirate works and other online intellectual crimes.
The support, he therefore said will help the Commission in its fight to contain online piracy.
He said NCC is fully ready and prepared to engage the pirates online, hence the series of training it had carried out for its staff.
He said, “Yes, here we are, we are happy to recieve what you will be handling over to us. Just like the popular saying goes, this is one small step but certainly it is a giant leap for the Nigerian Copyright Commission.
“I said this because it is another threshold of what has come to be a wonderful relationship between Nigerian Copy Right Commission and different agencies of US government and Embassy.
“We have done a lot together and I think there is still more space to do more. This is a challenge for us to do more and to deliver. As far as these donation is concerned, I can assure you that eveeything you have given us today will be put to good use.
“Not only for the good of creative industry in the country, but also provide the right dynamics, the space for all works. ”

He said the newly established online copyright inspector unit will be the first beneficiary of the tools .
He also challenged other stakeholdera to support the commission in its fighr to eradicate copyright theft.

Donating the equipment on Wednesday in Abuja,U.S. representative, James Jewett said the items were geared towards assisting the commission in its fight against piracy.

Jewett charged the commission to put the items into proper use for the betterment of the country.

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