How kindness landed Akanchanwa in court

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Isa Ibrahim has dragged one Donatus Akachanwa to the Sharia Court sitting in Kubwa a sub-burb in Abuja over land dispute.

Ibrahim who is the plaintiff in the case before Justice Bashir Danmaisule claimed that the land that he built his one room on is his land. Ibrahim claimed that he bought the land (50 by 40) from a chief but did not specify the year.

However, Akachanwa who is the defendant said he bought the land in Kubwa II Annex (Gbazango West) layout in 2007 through the Bwari Area Council in which the land was measured (750sqm). Before building his house in 2011, Akachanwa explained that he saw an uncompleted one-room building partly on the land he bought.

According to him, the matter was reported to the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and a bulldozer was attached to him to demolish the house but after much pleading from his would-be neighbours back then, he decided to show mercy on Isa Ibrahim because he is a family man.

Akanchanwa said he allowed Ibrahim to complete his building and ten years dowm the line, the same Ibrahim who had pleaded for trespassing on the land turned around laying claims to the land.

The defendant said “Ten years after Ibrahim who completed his one room on his land is claiming to be the owner and also went ahead to report me to the Sariki of the area who sent delegates to measure the land and find out that the one room was partly on my land.”

Akachanwa further stated that Sarki begged him to give Ibrahim two more years to sort himself out and do the needful but up till now, Ibrahim has not done anything.

After both parties presented their documents for proof, Justice Bashir Danmaisule gave them two weeks to settle out of court, and should they be unable to resolve the matter amicably, the case will be transferred to the High Court.

Both parties are expected back in court afterbtwo weeks foe the presiding judge to rule on the matter which seems to be outside his jurisdiction.

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