Fatima Sadi discovers she was pregnant after filing for divorce

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Few months after Fatima Sadi filed for a divorce against her husband, Hamisu Tukur, she discovered that she was pregnant.

The pregnancy notwithstanding, Fatima Sadi prayed the Sharia Court to end the almost two years old marriage.

Sadi, who filed the divorce case at the Sharia Court, Kubwa, Abuja on 6th June, 2020 said “I pray the court grants me divorce on the ground of dislike towards my husband and lack of proper care and maintenance.”

Sadi who is currently carrying Tukur first pregnancy told the Court presided over by Justice Bashir Danmaisule that despite the pregnancy , she still wants to divorce him.

In addition, Sadi also demanded for N25,000 used for her upkeep during the period she was away from home. Sadi claimed she left the house for few days to stay with someone, and the cost of feeding and other necessity within that period amounted to over N20,000. This bill, she insisted that her husband must pick.

Tukur in his response agreed to pay the said amount.

Tukur, a painter by trade told the court that he will pay the money because he is becoming tired of the whole matter.
He claimed that he had done everything to keep his wife, yet she still want to go ahead with the divorce.

He said since he found out that Sadi is carrying his child, he started showing her care which Sadi acknowledged.
The man who was shocked by his wife’s stand said when Fatima was sick and admitted in the hospital few months ago, he took care of her, paid the bills and she still wants to leave him.

The case was adjourned to November 19, 2020 for judgment.

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