I am ready to return my dowry, Aisha Husseni tells court

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Aisha Husseni who has been married for more than nine years has told the Sharia Court that she was willing to refund her husband the dowry paid on her to redeem herself from the marriage.

Husseni had dragged her husband, Awwal M. Usman to court on ground that he had divorced her three times in accordance to the Sharia law, yet he would not let her go.

This is the second time Husseni is filing a divorce case against her husband at the Sharia Court, Kubwa, presided over by Justice Bashir Danmaisule.

Husseni, mother of four told the court on Tuesday that since her husband refused letting her go after pronouncing Talaq on her three times, she was ready to refund his dowry (Mahr) to redeem herself from the marriage.

But Usman told the Court that he would be willing to let her off the hook on the condition that she marries another wife for him.

Hon. Danmaisule countered him saying that Husseni is his wife and not his parents. Usman withdrew his first statement and said Husseni must give him custody of their four children as he will marry another wife that will take care of the children.

She however told the court that she was ready to let him take custody of the children on the condition that he (Usman) takes the children to school, cloth them, take up responsibilities of a father and he must not run to Kano with the children which he accepted.
Husseni accepted the conditions and went ahead to sign an undertaking before the court.

The judge however adjourned the case to December 3rd, 2020 for his ruling.
Husseni, in her first case filing, said Musa ended the nine year old marriage after pronouncing divorce on her on three occassions, yet he did not let her go. She therefore prayed that the court would confirm her divorce. When asked by the Court if she has witnesses, she said yes.

However, the two witnesses she provided in their testimonies said they were not present when Musa made the divorce pronouncement on her (Husseni), but they were informed by Husseni that she had been divorced.
After proper interrogation by the judge, Husseni’s testimony was not taken because her husband said he divorced her on two count. The case was later struck out.

In Islam, it is believed that if one pronounces three count divorce, the partner is not to remarry until he or she divorces his or her partner.

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