Edo youths loots Covid-19 warehouses, One feared dead

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Youths in Edo state have looted COVID-19 palliatives hidden away in an uncompleted building.

The youths stumbled on the building while on rampage in Benin City on Saturday.

The uncompleted building was reportedly located in Government Reservation Area (GRA) and away from preying eyes. It still beats the imagination of many how the youth were able to discover the location.

The youths swamped on the palliative carting away whatever they can get hold off.

Earlier in the day, some of the rampaging youths had invaded and looted COVID-19 palliatives in another location at Edo Pharmaceutical Company on Medical Store Road, off New Lagos- Benin Road.

However, a man allegedly died while attempting to escape from the warehouse with his loot.

The man, it was learnt, allegedly gained access to the COVID-19 palliative warehouse through the back opening created by the looters on the roof at the back of the warehouse.

Having taken his share of the items, it was further gathered that the man had attempted to exit through the same channel but lost his balance and fell headlong, hitting his head on the hard concrete. He died instantly.

Soldiers stationed there were reported to have allowed them passage without much resistance probably to avoid another backlash.

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