APC group tackles opposition to Onochie’s nomination

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A group within the All Progressives Congress (APC) has tackled oppositions to the nomination of Lauretta Onochie as a National Commissioner in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The group under the umbrella of APC Alliance for Good Governance said Onochie is eminently qualified for the position.

“Onochie is the Senior Special Assistant to the President on media. She is fully qualified for the position.”

Besides, the group said those opposing the nomination were merely afraid of her personality and boldness.

Addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday, Mr. Imo Jonathan said all those opposing her nomination have not enough any tangible reason to disqualify her except that she worked for the government.

Jonathan also reminded those opposing Onochie nomination that appointees in previous administrations have been appointed as officers in the electoral body in the past.

Besides, he said the appointment of the Senior Special Assistant to the President would help strengthen the electoral body because of her character and incorruptability nature.

He said, “Those who are opposed to her appointment are afraid because Lauretta Onochie has been vocal against corruption and she has been a radical opposition to the shenanigans of those who always try to undermine due process, especially some of the PDP governors who have never conducted a free, fair local government election in their domains.

“Again, their party have a history of appointing characters whose only mission is to deliver their wish. They are crying foul this time because that will no longer be possible. At best, their noise is an attempt to blackmail President Buhari into pliable elements who they canneasily buy over. But they have failed.

“Their accusation so far that Lauretta Onochie is partisan. But that is not twentieth. That Lauretta Onochie participated in an election like every other Nigerian does not in anyway make her partisan. It is a civil duty expected of every adult of voting age to participate in an election to vote or be voted for .”

He also said that serving in the administration of President Buhari does not make her a cardcarrying member of the ruling party as she was only carrying out her professional responsibility for the president.

He therefore warned all those opposing her to be prepared for her coming, “because it is not within their power and they cannot blackmail Mr. President into doing their wishes. Lauretta Onochie is a fearless character, courageous woman and a radical opposition to corruption.

“Her appointment into INEC is a major milestone in President Buhari’s efforts to bring positive changes to Nigeria and we stand by him on this”.

He also said that the opposition to the appointment was insulting on the sensibility of Nigerians, “because by implication they are saying that Mr. President who was elected by the overwhelming majority of the citizens to pilot the affairs of the Nation is incapable of good decision.”

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