Don’t get distracted, Aisha Yesufu tells EndSARS protesters

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Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has urged youths to be more focused in their protest against police brutality in the country.

“Please don’t get distracted over this issue of who is this – eyes on the goal – forget the distraction,” Yesufu said in a video which has gone viral .

“There is nothing to go into fighting mood over this nothing – so focus on your message and the results that you want is the most important.”

Nigerian youths in thousand are continuing their protest against brutality, extortion, harassment and extrajudicial killings by police personnel especially the Special Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS).

Governments in different states have appealed to the protesters to halt their demonstrations and called for negotiation with the youths.

While the protests have been adjudged successful, there have been reports of division among leading activists and agitators on whether the protest should end.

But Yesufu said such arguments could become injurious to the passion of protesters who want to see a better Nigeria.

“I think a lot of people who have not been part of this protest as they should are coming out to talk about this protest being monetised,” Yesufu said.

“Please don’t allow this. It is not like the last one that was called for EndSARS when people never turned up and they never take part in it and they are looking for everything to discredit the protest so that they can say that is the reason they didn’t join

“If anyone has collected money for protest, drag the person out and let other people do their thing. If yours (protest) is monetised, another person’s isn’t monetised.”

The Nigerian government on Tuesday announced that SARS will be replaced by a new unit – Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT). The creation of the unit, however, will not stop the agitation.

“Yes, we have seen the headlines from the government but what is the execution plan? What is the basis for a committee?” Yesufu questioned.

“Can the government bring an execution plan where you know this is A B C – so that when it is not done, you know (because you have) a timeframe?”

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