Nigeria has tested about 600,000 for Covid-19

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The National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force (PTF), Dr.Sani Aliyu has said that about 600,000 Nigerians have been tested for Covid-19.

Aliyu said this during the weekly briefing of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 held on October 12th, 2020.
He indicated that most Nigerians do not know their status.

He said that the PTF target is for every state to test at least 1% of its population.
Only the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has achieved this Target with Lagos state fast approaching with about 97% achievement and other states with barely 20-25%.

He noted that Covid-19 spreads silently and quickly which is why safety measures must be adhered to by school authorities.

For the safety of students, teachers and staff, Dr. Aliyu said “schools must have detailed communication protocols that include parents, staff, school health teams, school authorities, local/state officials. They must provide regular updates to parents, staff and relevant authorities as well as communicate the just procedures effectively and clearly.

“Schools must also take sufficient measures to understand how Covid-19 can spread, how to mitigate its transmission in line with the official guidelines and when they have a postive case, that need to know how it should be managed.”

Emphasising on the importance of education as a fundamental human right which must be available to Nigerians, he noted that “we must take responsibilities to minimize the rate of transmission, protect our young people and their families for schools to operate effectively.

“It is definitely time for Nigeria to get moving and in this regard, we have to support our students and also protect our schools.”

He advised that protecting of schools and the educational system, protects the future of Nigerians.

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