Independence Day: Revolution Now protesters demand Buhari’s resignation

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As the country marks her Independence Anniversary, members of the RevolutionNow Group has demanded the resignation of President Buhari over the security and socio- economic situation in the country.

The Group on Thursday made this demand in a protest at the United States Embassy in Abuja.

A big banner with the inscription, ‘Buhari has failed, ‘Resign now’ was flagged by the Convener of the movement, Omoyele Sowore. Other placards read ‘failed leadership has made Nigeria the capital of the world’, and #RevolutionNow.

Aisha Yesufu, #BringBackOurGirls# Activist in her remarks said Nigerians must make the nation work, stating that things were becoming unbearable.

To buttress her point, Adebayo Rachael, a protester said “under Buhari, our economy is in shambles; under him, hardship has been redefined”.

The campaigners also sang solidarity songs and berated the government for failing to address the insecurity in the country.

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